6 very scary stories about the unofficial WhatsApp Business API in the run-up to Halloween

6 very scary stories about the unofficial WhatsApp Business API in the run-up to Halloween

Let us tell you 6 scary stories of WhatsApp API users who faced difficulties with the unofficial WhatsApp Business API. Stories that will give you goosebumps and that you can tell at night sitting by the fire to terrify any interlocutor. In this way we want to create a spooky atmosphere in anticipation of the spookiest holiday - Halloween. Enjoy! And the scariest part is, all stories are based on real events.

The phone, which was forbidden to touch and unplug…

This story takes place in an office in a medium-sized town in central America, in the mysterious state of Maine. Susan and Harry were ordinary account managers and were constantly chatting with clients on WhatsApp. But there was something mysterious about their office, the boss never turned off his cell phone. It was always plugged in and constantly charging. Susan and Harry were very curious to know the reasons why the boss never turned off his phone and was always charging it, after all he never even used it to make calls! They wanted to find out what was wrong with the phone, but the boss, who was nicknamed Blue Mustache for his experiments in hair colouring, strictly forbade them to even go near the phone.

One day, Susan and Harry stayed on the night shift and the ghostly light from the phone monitor screen beckoned and mesmerized the employees, so they decided to go near it. Slowly they approached the phone, picked it up and accidentally pulled it out of the charger, and then something incredible happened! WhatsApp messages stopped coming and none of the customers could contact the company. They heard the boss' footsteps on the stairs and froze in horror. He opened the doors and thundered: “You were not allowed to touch the phone! No more customers will be able to text us!” No one ever heard from Harry and Susan again, history doesn't tell us what happened to them after this terrible story, but most likely they were reprimanded, because the phone must always be connected to the network for the unofficial WhatsApp API to work, and Susan and Harry disrupted the connection. Now that's a really creepy story.

WhatsApp scary story
*Scary ghostly howls"

Mystical WhatsApp phone number ban

Once Kevin Chapman connected the WhatsApp API for his company, he was beyond excited because he could finally start communicating with his customers and doing promotional mailings. Even Kevin's wife was thrilled, because with the increase in profits, they were able to afford a long-awaited vacation. Kevin used his favorite phone number that duplicated his lucky number 7 several times and all started out well, messages were sent to clients, they responded, but a day later he received a strange message about suspicious activity on his number. Of course, Kevin thought the message came to him by mistake and there was nothing wrong with it. But a day later, his number was blocked!

It was a big loss, but he couldn't give up, his customers were waiting for him, so he bought a new number and started sending messages again, but not a day later his number was blocked again. Kevin bought another number, then another, another and another, Kevin lost count of the new numbers, he was getting confused, but he couldn't stop, or his clients wouldn't be able to contact him. But one day he realized that he had spent almost all the money he and his wife had saved for their vacation on buying new phone numbers! But it was good that his wife was a smart and wise woman who found out on the internet that her husband was using an unofficial or gray WhatsApp Business API, so their number was constantly blocked. They were able to connect the official business API and their number was never blocked again, and they saved up money for a new trip very soon. This is one of the few stories that ended well for users of the unofficial WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp unofficial ban

Terrifying WhatsApp notifications

One day, Michael Yeison left his number on the website to register. Nothing portends trouble, but one night his phone lit up because of an incoming WhatsApp message. It was an advertisement, but a creepy one, he had heard of it, and people were afraid to call such messages spam. He deleted the message from the unknown number and went to bed, but a new message came again, its character had changed, it was even more illiterate and intrusive. Michael deleted the message and turned off the notifications, but he couldn't sleep for a long time, he kept worrying, what if the messages kept coming back?

He reached for his phone with a trembling hand and saw dozens of spam messages, ads asking him to buy alcohol, cigarettes, dubious banking services and other horrors. Terrified, he started deleting WhatsApp, but he couldn't do it, because the messages kept coming and coming, until a terrible hand came out of the phone's window and handed him a pass to attend a personal growth course. At that moment Mike woke up and was relieved to realize that it was just a dream, because if a business uses the official WhatsApp Business API, all advertising messages are moderated, so the customer will never get to the point where he wants to delete WhatsApp and will be interested in the offers from the mailing list, because he knows that there will be nothing forbidden. But was it really a dream?

WhatsApp creepy story

A disconnect in Roger Brown's biggest moment

Roger Brown has spent a lifetime leading up to this moment. He connected the unofficial WhatsApp Business API, tested its work, checked and configured everything necessary, everything just so that at the right moment, at the right time, he could launch the most massive and perfect WhatsApp advertising campaign he had spent several years working on. And now that day has come. There was only one thing left to do - press the button. But it was on this day that WhatsApp released another update for which the gray API was blocked for a while.

It is said that at this point Roger Brown became so frustrated that the force of his emotions created a time loop in which he tries time after time to send messages in WhatsApp, but he can't do it and he has been trapped in this time capsule for centuries, trying to still produce the most perfect mailing in the history of messenger. Maybe Roger Brown's story is fiction, maybe not, but one thing is clear - the unofficial WhatsApp API can indeed lead to a lot of frustration when the WhatsApp API is much needed but there is no way to use it due to updates.

WhatsApp gray ban

Wall of silence in WhatsApp messages

Clara had installed the unofficial WhatsApp Business API not long ago and started actively sending WhatsApp messages to customers, she was very lucky, and her number was not banned, but soon she noticed something suspicious. Her customers stopped responding to her. Whatever she wrote, whatever she offered, everyone responded with silence. For a long time, she couldn't figure out what was wrong, but when she did, it was too late. Even her family and friends stopped paying attention to her mailings, and soon stopped communicating with her altogether. The whole thing is that her messages were not labelled in any way that she was a user of WhatsApp business solution, so she was ignored more and more, and the wall of silence in WhatsApp kept growing. We don't know how this story ended, but rumour has it that on the night of October 13, during the full moon, you may receive a message from an unknown number, it's a message from Clara.

Scary WhatsApp tails

The maddening desire for the indefinable green check tick

Roger White had been using the unofficial WhatsApp Business API for a long time and everything suited him: yes, there were problems with network disconnection and WhatsApp updates, sometimes numbers were banned, but he considered it not a terrible cost, but something still confused him... The green checkmark of the official WhatsApp Business account. It beckoned Roger, fascinated him, but it could not be available to users of the unofficial solution. All his business partners already had such ticks and he, despite the fact that his business was even larger than many of his competitors, he could not get hold of this tick. The desire quickly turned into a mania, and he decided to act the same way he did with the WhatsApp API - hire a programmer to help him hack into his WhatsApp account so that the green checkmark would appear in his profile.

The developer warned him that it was a difficult task and could lead to unexpected consequences, but Roger was not deterred by this, not even by the fact that the programmer asked Roger to pay for his services not with money, but with Roger's soul! Roger agreed. A week later everything was ready, a green WhatsApp checkmark appeared in the WhatsApp profile of Roger's company's WhatsApp account. All was well, but it wasn't long before roger noticed that whatever he sent to clients in correspondence, everything turned into green check marks. Any message, any text or media file all magically turned into green tick. Soon all rogers could do was send green checkmarks to the clients he longed for. This wise and cautionary tale teaches us that you can't get a green checkmark on a gray Api, but only on the official WhatsApp Business API and you don't even have to sell your soul to get it. It's not that complicated.

WhatsApp Green Tick

Hope you enjoyed our creepy stories, sure, we may have embellished something, but almost 90% of the story content is true. Most likely.

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