Comparing WhatsApp Business API and unofficial WhatsApp API

Comparing WhatsApp Business API and unofficial WhatsApp API

In this article, we will try to break down the advantages of both approaches to work official WhatsApp Business API from Meta and unofficial (gray) WhatsApp API solutions. We will update the material if we find new advantages for one or the other side. You can always refer to this article to decide which is more suitable for you. We have described the history of the confrontation between the official and unofficial API in enough detail here: — Official and Unofficial WhatsApp Business API

Now to the point, let's break down the main advantages of both solutions:

Unofficial WhatsApp Business API Official WhatsApp Business API
It is possible to send messages first
Interactive buttons
Facebook(Meta) Approval
Click-to-chat WhatsApp
Risk of number bans
Message Sent/Delivery/Read Reportt Depends on the documentation
Message fees
Information Security
Bulk Messaging in WhatsApp Possible ban Safe
Connection Instant Registration required
Message Delivery Rate Not measurable 100% delivery
Restrictions on sending messages You can get your number banned if you send too many messages There are restrictions related to the level of trust in the number
Price Generally cheaper Generally more expensive
Status Suspicion of spam More customer confidence
The need for template messages?
Need to have your phone on all the time to access the API?
Internet Requirement Requires internet connectivity Works even when not connected to internet
Stable operation After WhatsApp updates, API access needs to be restored 24\7
Ability to work with groups

Of course, WhatsApp Business API still has a number of complexities that may look disadvantageous against a gray background: there are charges for template messages, higher number trust and related restrictions, but the trend of recent years shows that WABA is becoming easier and more accessible, so the choice for businesses can be expressed in one thought:

Use fast access to a gray API now to face increasingly frequent problems later with WhatsApp bans and updates that will require you to deal with constant solutions or spend more time and effort at the beginning of the journey to face fewer problems later on and enjoy a reliable connection, but likely at a higher price.

If you are looking for Business API at the same affordable price as gray API, then take a look at our pricing policy, we have tried to make the most favorable connection conditions for our users: — WhatsApp Business API Payment model.

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