How to create your own WhatsApp bot (No code)

How to create your own WhatsApp bot (No code)

In the fast-paced digital world, chatbots have emerged as crucial tools in enhancing customer service and automating responses. An app where this trend is particularly evident is WhatsApp. A WhatsApp bot, or WhatsApp AI chatbot, leverages artificial intelligence to facilitate seamless and intuitive conversations with users. Chatbots are great for organizing the reception of water applications, handling complaints, and answering popular questions in the Marketing, Advertising and Support department of your business.  

Understanding Chatbots

To grasp the importance of chatbots in WhatsApp, it's essential to understand what a chatbot is. A chatbot, in essence, is a software designed to simulate human conversation. It interacts with users, answers queries, and performs tasks without human intervention. The 'bot' in chatbot is short for 'robot', indicating its automated nature.

With the advent of AI technology, chatbots have evolved beyond simple scripted responses. They can now understand context, learn from interactions, and provide personalized responses. An AI chatbot, such as a WhatsApp AI chatbot, is a perfect example of this evolution.

WhatsApp chatbot
This is what WhatsApp chatbot looks like with all the possible functionality

At the moment there are a lot of proposals ready solutions for WhatsApp bots. They differ in complexity and the opportunities that the bot can provide businesses to work. Most of the WhatsApp Business API bots are not free, due to the pricing policy of WhatsApp and its providers, learn more about that in this article: — WhatsApp Business API Payment model. So if you come across "WhatsApp bot free" ads, it's probably not entirely true.    

It's only $30 for full access to WhatsApp Business API

Chatbots, chatbot builder, inbox chat, automated replies, broadcast newsletters - all included in the $30 price tag 

Connect WABA

Why Use a WhatsApp Bot?

WhatsApp is a major player in the digital communication sphere, with over two billion active users. Businesses are quickly realizing the platform's potential and are leveraging it for customer service, marketing, and more. A WhatsApp bot for business can automate a range of tasks, from answering FAQs to taking orders, enabling businesses to manage high volumes of customer interactions efficiently.

Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbots

Using a WhatsApp bot, free or paid, has several benefits:

  1. 24/7 Availability: Bots can operate round the clock, providing instant responses to customer queries any time of the day.
  2. Cost-Effective: WhatsApp chatbots free up human resources, saving costs on customer service operations.
  3. Improved Customer Experience: Fast and accurate responses from bots can significantly enhance customer satisfaction.
  4. Higher Engagement: WhatsApp bots can send personalized messages, offers, and recommendations, increasing customer engagement.
WABA Chatbot
This is what the bot looks like on the inside 

How to Create a WhatsApp Bot

There are several ways to create a WhatsApp bot:

  1. Chatbot Software: Several chatbot software or platforms can help you build a bot without needing coding skills. Such proposals include, for example, our chat bot constructor.
  2. Custom Development: If you have coding skills or resources, you can develop a custom bot using the WhatsApp Business API. You will need a connected number and access to WABA documentation.

When you set up your bot, consider implementing a WhatsApp auto reply bot feature, which can instantly respond to messages, improving customer interaction.
Let's try to create your first chatbot, without the use of programming skills, you will realize that this is actually very simple.

First you need to connect the numbers to the WhatsApp Business API, to do this follow these steps:

  1. Register at
  2. Open a new WABA project.
  3. Connect your WhatsApp number to WhatsApp Business API.
  4. You will need an account in Meta Business manager to successfully connect the number. You can create it in advance, or it will be created in the process of connecting the number. Connecting the number is fast, our tips on the website will help you connect the number in just 10 minutes.
Create a new WABA project
Open a new WABA channel and connect a number

After connecting the number to WhatsApp Business API, you will no longer be able to use the number in regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business applications, but we immediately open Inbox chat, Automation tools and Chatbot builder on WhatsApp Business API number for our customers. What we are most interested in right now is Visual editor of chatbots, which allows you to quickly and without code to create a chatbot of any complexity to your needs.

WhatsApp Business API Flow Builder
WhatsApp Business API Flow Builder

After accessing the chatbot constructor, a logical question arises, but how to create a chatbot?

Create a new chatbot script or flow.

Chat bot WhatsApp
A new bot can be created in the editor's start window

Set the first welcome message.

WhatsApp chat bot
Press the plus sign and select "text message" 

Create follow-up questions for the bot, we will assemble a bot quiz that will collect information from customers.

quiz bot WhatsApp
To create a quiz bot, select the "question" section 
WhatsApp Chat bot

All answers will be saved in a special field with variables.

WhatsApp chat bot
Variables will save all customer responses in a special setting field

WhatsApp Chatbot Examples

Several successful WhatsApp bot examples demonstrate their effectiveness. The WHO's Health Alert bot provides reliable information about COVID-19, while the KLM bot allows customers to check flight status, book tickets, and get updates. These examples illustrate how diverse and powerful a tool the WhatsApp bot can be. You can read more examples of chat bots in that article: — Top 10 Chatbot Examples

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, chatbots in WhatsApp are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their customers. From being a WhatsApp marketing bot sending personalized offers to being an auto reply bot handling queries, these digital assistants are enhancing customer experiences while streamlining business operations.

Whether you're considering using a WhatsApp chatbot free of charge or investing in advanced AI-driven options, the decision to incorporate this tool can undoubtedly propel your customer service and engagement strategies to new heights.

With options to either employ chatbot software or engage professional chatbot companies, even businesses with little to no coding knowledge can effectively incorporate this tool into their operations. And as AI technology evolves, we can only expect chatbots, including the best WhatsApp bots, to become even more sophisticated and integral to business operations.

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